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Winter 2022-2023
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Canada Snowboard's Para Development LEARN Programs are delivered in partnership with the Canada Association of Disabled Skiers (CADS) in an environment that allows participants to be introduced to Snowboarding along with a variety of other Alpine Sports contributing to the overall development of physical literacy of participants.

Participants in this program are in the Active Start, Fundamentals and Learn to Ride Stages of development of the Para Long-Term Athletes Development - PARA LTAD

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RIDERS Speed & Style

All the RIDERS Speed & Style events organizer must ensure the event is available to both male and female participants, including able-bodied and participants with a disability.

Participants Requirements:

- Participants with a a Physical Impairment will be allowed to participate in a RIDERS Speed & Style event under the same requirements as a able-body participant. 
- Participants with a Visual and/or Hearing and/or Intellectual Impairment will need to be endorsed and accompanied by a certified CADS Instructor.
- Participants must have basic snowboarding skills.

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CADS Festival

Festival is a fun-filled adaptive skiing/ snowboarding week held annually. Students from CADS programs all over Canada are invited to sign up for a week of adaptive snowboarding improvement lessons, camaraderie, fun games, on-snow activities and an awards banquet.

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