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Information for GROM Events Organizers

Along with the RIDERS Program, Canada Snowboard and your respective Provincial and Territorial Snowboard Association, offer hosts the opportunity to run MAZDA GROM SERIES Speed & Style, which: 

  • Are fun, entry level, multi-discipline events
  • Promote participation and self-improvement
  • Provide an introduction to competitive snowboarding, in a fun low pressure environment
  • Applies all skills learned through the program into a small scale competition setting
  • Serve as an excellent capstone for program participants

MAZDA GROM SERIES Speed & Style can either be run as a wrap up for participants in the RIDERS Program or may also be run as independent events at any resort to help engage young kids from the area. 

MAZDA GROM series Speed & Style  - handbook

The MAZDA GROM Speed & Style SERIES - Handbook provides all the information needed to organize a MAZDA GROM SERIES Speed & Style event.
If you want to know more about MAZDA GROM SERIES Speed & Style event, take a look to the Handbook:


Mazda grom SERIes speed & style - marketing materials




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