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RIDERS Program

Strengthening snowboard fundamentals so young riders can gain the skills necessary to participate in all competitive snowboard disciplines. Offered at a mountain near you!

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The Canadian Snowboard Coaching Program (CSCP), in development with the Canadian Snowboard Association of Instructors (CASI) has created an eight to twelve week snowboard training program to be delivered within a snow school by a resorts instructors. 

The RIDERS program is designed for individuals to advance their fundamental snowboard skills and develop the specific skills required to enter each of the competitive snowboard disciplines. 

Upon completion of the program, participants will have the ability to successfully join a competitive club, excel at competition, or simply snowboard skillfully for life. 


RIDERS Progression Pathway

After learning the fundamentals skills through entry level snow schools programming (i.e. CASI Quickride), participants move into the RIDERS Program to refine their skills and continue to progress within the snow school environment. 

It is expected that a participant will be able to progress though the Program in 3-6 years, at which point they will be ready to join the local competitive snowboard club, or progress to a variety of other opportunities (competition, coaching, instructing, or simply snowboard for life). 


The Curriculum

Three levels of programming, Green, Blue, Black, continue to challenge and promote skill development. 

Each week of the program has a corresponding session plan that includes the goal of each week followed by a detailed training session incorporating drills and activities, and a suggested time spent on each activity. 

The RIDERS curriculum provides coaches and instructors with quality session plans that are flexible, allowing host resorts to tailor the delivery of the curriculum to their needs, while achieving set objectives.

Regardless of leader experience, the program, by design, ensures participants are challenged with fun games and activities to develop their abilities beyond the intermediate level. 


RIDERS Program Extras

To increase the ability of a host resort to implement the RIDERS Program, the following opportunities are extended:

  • Staff training on RIDERS Program delivery
  • Skill Progression Day for local RIDERS
  • Event delivery and execution
  • RIDERS Progression Session Holiday Camps
  • Access to an online skills assessment tracking tool


For the Snow School

The program is designed for the snow school to help retain both clients and instructors, while accessing high quality, easy to use FREE training programming. 

For no charge, your snow school will receive: 

  • Twelve easy to follow session plans per level 
  • Online skill assessment tracking and certificate software
  • Access to additional support on staff training, program & event delivery


RETAIN participants in your snow school longer.

REWARD your top instructors with more advanced lessons.

FLEXIBLE curriculum tailored to the needs of your resort. 

ACCESS to an online skills assessment and certificate tool. 

Active SUPPORT for curriculum delivery, assessment tool operation and event delivery. 

FREE session plans developed by CASI and CSCP to ensure consistent, QUALITY lessons for your snow school.



To enquire about more information or to enroll your club or snow school, please contact:
Kim Krahulec- evqref@pnanqnfabjobneq.pn or Your Provincial/Territorial Snowboard Association 


"This is such a great program for young snowboarders to learn how to ride, to understand the basics of riding and have fun while doing it. There are so many opportunities for young riders to grow within the sport, and hopefully down the road, make it to the top of the Olympic podium." 

Maëlle Ricker, 2010 Olympic Gold Medalist, Women's Snowboardcross