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CSCP Reinstatement Policy

To ensure all coaches who go dormant are up to date with the current curriculum and standards.


Coaches Scope of Practice Policy

This guideline outlines the scope of practice for coaches as well as Air Bag and Water Ramp guidelines.


CSCP Program Direct To Competition Development Protocol

For Coaches entering directly into the Canada Snowboard Coaching Program (“CSCP”) Competition Development (“Comp Dev.”) stream. The CSCP TEC is the only group that can determine when and where a coach may become Canada Snowboard


CSCP Straight to Evaluation Protocol

For coaches who feel they have obtained the knowledge presented in course elsewhere. 


Leave of Absence Policies

To ensure coaches who require a leave of absence can stay current and enter back into the Canada Snowboard Coaching Program (“CSCP”) stream.


Responsible Coaching Movement

Information on the Responsible Coaching Movement and implementation


Temporary License Protocol

To provide coaches with a temporary license when courses are unavailable, moving straight to evaluation or straight to Competition Development.