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LTAD Park to Podium: Stage 6/7 - Learn to Win/Train to Win

Stage 6: Learn to Win

This is the where high performance athletes progress from national to international events. This represents and the final stage of athlete preparation. The athlete is now physically mature, with a full complement of technical and tactical skills.

The emphasis at this stage is on mastery of those skills and gaining confidence through competition against the best riders in the world.

Stage 6 Athlete at a Glance

Chronological age:

  • Half-pipe and slopestyle: 17+
  • Boardercross: 18+
  • Alpine: 19+

Competitions: High performance Provincial and National programs
Time on snow: 100+ days per year
Focus: Competing and building a winning strategy


Are you looking for a more in-depth review of Stage 6 or Stage 7? Download the Long Term Athlete Development document in PDF format. You will need a password, which can be obtained by contacting vasb@pnanqnfabjobneq.pn.


Stage 7: Train to win

Here you will find the quintessential top performer on the Olympic Team. By Stage 7, athletes are completely focused on competing and "winning for a living".

Building on confidence and personal experience of past successes, athletes continually excel in pressure situations, formulate new movements and innovate. Important areas of focus include optimizing preparation, consistently delivering high quality performances, winning and preventing injuries.

Stage 7 Athlete at a Glance

Chronological age:

  • Half-pipe and slopestyle: 20+
  • Boardercross: 22+
  • Alpine: 24+

Competitions: World Cups, World Championships, X Games, Olympic Games
Time on snow: 150+ days per year
Focus: preparation, execution, consistency, winning