Yeti Summit

Air Nation Tournée Freestyle

Sun Peaks | Mont Tremblant | Mount St. Louis Moonstone | COP

18-24 March 2019
Canada Olympic Park



Sunday March 17th- arrival day #1

MONDAY MARCH 18TH- Arrival day #2 | HP training

11:00 – 14:00              HalfpipeOfficial Training

18h00                          Team Captains Meeting HP - Frank King Daylodge


TUESDAY MARCH 19TH- HalfPipecompetition

10h15-11h00               Junior HalfpipeTraining

11:00-14:30                 Junior National HalfpipeCompetition (Open + FIS)

15:00                            Junior National HalfpipeAwards Ceremony


17h00-17h45              Senior National HalfpipeTraining

18h00-20h15             Senior National HalfpipeCompetition (Open + FIS)

20h45                         Senior National HalfpipeAwards Ceremony


WEDNESDAY MARCH 20TH- super grom  | slopestyle  open training | big air training

11h00- 14h00            Slopestyleand Big Air Training

16h00                          Team Captains Meeting - SBS Open Competition

16h00-18h00             Super GromNationals Mini-Slope Registration/Bib-Pickup

18h00-20h00            Super Grom Mini-Slope Competition

20h15                          Super Grom Awards Ceremony


THURSDAY MARCH 21st - slopestyle open competition

9h15-9h45.                  Slopestyle Official Training

10h00-14h00.            Pipe Fest (Ride & Jam session)

9h45-16h00.               Slopestyle National Competition

16h30                           Slopestyle National Competition Awards Ceremony

17h30.                          Team Captains Meeting


FRIDAY MARCH 22nd - slopestyle junior training

10h00-13h00.           Pipe Fest (Coach's Pipe Contest, Family Team Contest & WomensBest Trick Contest)

11h00- 14h00            SBS Junior Training 

17h30                           Team Captains Meeting - BA competition

SATURDAY MARCH 23rd - big air competition

09h00-14h00           Big Air National Competition

14h30                          Big Air Awards Ceremony

17h30                          Team Captains Meeting - SBS Junior competition


SUNDAY MARCH 24TH - slopestyle junior

9h15-9h45                  Junior National SlopestyleTraining – West Line

9h45- 16h00           Junior National SlopestyleCompetition (Open + FIS)

16h30                         Junior National SlopestyleAwards Ceremony


*Note that the schedule is subject to change due to weather conditions, jury decisions, etc.



Event Office | team captain meeting

Location: MMC Flex Room



March 18th:     8h00– 16h00                          Team Captain Meeting:           18h00

March 19th:     8h00– 16h00                          

March 20th:    8h00– 16h00                          Team Captain Meeting:           16h00

March 21st:      8h00– 16h00                          Team Captain Meeting:           17h30 (Informal TC meeting for next day training)

March 22nd:    8h00– 16h00                          Team Captain Meeting:           17h30

March 23rd:    8h00– 16h00                          Team Captain Meeting:           17h30

March 24th:     8h00– 16h00

March 25th:   as required