Membership & Licenses


We are please to introduce you to our new membership system!


To register for your 2013-2014 Canada~Snowboard and Provincial/Territorial Membership, CLICK HERE

All athletes (any snowboarders), coaches, officials, judges, and associate members (parent, friends, and any individuals who are indirectly involved with the snowboarding world) will use this system to purchase and manage memberships.

You will be able to use the system to create a profile, and communicate with your coaches, club and Provincial/Territorial Snowboard Association


Which Athlete License is right for you?

Athlete - Recreational/Training License: This license is required for athletes that are members of any sanctioned club or participating in any sanctioned activity or event up to the level of Provincial Series events. This would include training with a coach, CS Rider events, all sanctioned club activities and local sanctioned events.

Athlete - Competitor License: The Competitor's License is required for any athlete participating/competing at Provincial Series events or higher level sanctioned events (NorAm). This includes FIS and TTR sanctioned events.

SAIP Insurance

SAIP Insurance can be purchased after purchasing a Recreational/Training, Competitor or Coaching License. For Full Details, CLICK HERE


Please note that all C~S, FIS, and SAIP memberships and licenses expire on June 30th of each year regardless of the purchase date.

If you have any questions not answered on our FAQ page, contact us by email at or call the office at 604-568-1135