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Full Name: William Buffey
AKA: Will
Age: 14
Birth place: Toronto, ON
Home town: Toronto, ON
Stance on board: Goofy
Sponsors: Burton, SWIX
Club: The Senders Society



Rider Bio

William started Snowboarding at 5 years old at Mount St. Louis in Ontario. From the moment the young skateboarder strapped on the snowboard, he was hooked. Once he joined The Senders Society, the camaraderie of being part of the team and the coaching helped William evolve into a formidable competitive snowboarder, meeting numerous progressive milestones, all while keeping it fun. 

Snowboarding has taken William on numerous adventures and hills across the globe. One of his most memorable moments was, at 14, when he landed his first backside triple cork 1440 mid contest, and took home 5th in the FIS Jr. Worlds Big Air Championships in the Czech Republic.

At 14 years old, William had a strong 2016-2017 season where he ranked 15th overall in Slopestyle and 9th overall in Big Air on the respective Canadian Ranking Lists. In 2017/2018, Willliam hopes to get a world cup start and take to the podium at Junior Worlds.


- 1st Air Nation Tour Tremblant, QC Slopestyle 17/18
- 1st Nor-Am Cup Calgary, AB Slopestyle 17/18
- 3rd Junior World Championships New Zealand Big Air 16/17
- 5th Jr World Championships Czech Republic 16/17
- 5th Air Nation Nationals 16/17