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Name: Jack Collins
Hometown: Calgary, AB
Residence: Calgary, AB
Stance: Goofy
Sponsors: Capita, Union, Airblaster, Coal, Vans, Sandbox, Sullys
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Rider Bio

If you were not a snowboarder what would you be? I think I would be either a filmer or something to do with kinesiology. I find it super fascinating learning about the human body and how it all works.

Favourite places to ride: I grew up riding Fortress mountain and COP mostly. When Fortress closed my family and I started riding more at Lake Louise in replacement. Some of my other favourite places to ride outside of my home hills are Whistler, Seymour, Mammoth and Keystone.

Favourite Food: Its hard for me to pick a favourite food. I like to do a lot of cooking so, I’d say my favourite types of cuisines to make are probably Latin, Greek, Lebanese and Indian.

Future job - Top 3 choices: Im not sure exactly what I want as a future job but I know I want to stay in the industry for sure. Most likely become a rep, coach or some other job within one of the organizations which contribute to snowboarding and youth development.

Life Goals - Top 3 goals: 
1.Snowboard & skateboard forever.
2.Never stop learning and creating.
3.Explore the realms of kinesiology and seek out higher education. (ultimately stay connected to the industry)

Why do you snowboard?
My parents like to say they brainwashed me into snowboarding at a young age. They did start me snowboarding at 3 years old though, it is a family affair for sure. I love snowboarding and I have a special connection to it because of that. I also just think it’s really fun. I feel I've created a lifestyle deeply rooted within snowboarding. Almost every aspect of my life is connected to snowboarding.

Favourite event and why? Definitely Burton US Open. Such a fun event that really highlights the key aspects and history of snowboarding. It also doesn’t hurt that the event is run by snowboarders, for snowboarders.

Best result ever and why? My most memorable result I’d say was 4th at my first rev tour in Park City. It was my best result at a NorAm event in the US.

Favourite item to travel with? Necessary to have a good pair of headphones for travel. Really sick to travel with a skateboard as well, to relieve those legs in the airport.

If you didn’t do the discipline you do, which would you choose next and why? Skateboarding, because I grew up into it almost the same way as snowboarding. It’s also another family activity and it consumes so much of my time already.

Best friend to ride with? I like riding different terrain with different people but the person I ride everything with the most is my fellow team mate and long time friend Braeden Adams.

Favourite trick? Nosepress. Did so many of these when I was younger. Probably my go to rail trick still today.

Favourite resort? LAAX is the best resort I have ever been to and they host the best contest too. The riders palace is the hotel there and it has an underground club. They have such insane expansive terrain, amazingly well maintained creative fun parks and you can always find snow.

Best resort no one knows about? Fairmont ski resort. I used to go up there once every year for a corporate event my dad used to attend. There was a small snowboard and ski race we would compete in. The park there is pretty much non-existent and the mountain is more of a hill, but there’s ton of fun side hits hidden up there.

Thing you like that everyone else thinks is shit. The dentist and black liquorice.

Thing that everyone else loves and you hate. Friends the tv show, Tim Hortons coffee, Coke.

If you were not a snowboarder what would you be? I think I would be either a filmer or something to do with kinesiology. I find it super     fascinating learning about the human body and how it all works.

Coolest thing you have done that not many people have? Grew up snowboarding with my whole family.

Sponsored by…. 

    Airblaster, Capita, Coal, Saxx, Union, Vans, Kingpin Agency, Sullys.



Jack was nearly born into snowboarding, starting to ride at the young age of 3. His mom being a snowboard instructor at Fortress Mountain would take Jack to Fortress regularly to learn the basics. As Jack was too small for most equipment back then his mom would stuff pairs of snowboard gloves into the back of his bindings in order to make the board fit. He grew up riding Canada Olympic Park and continued to ride in snowboard programs at the hill.

Jack’s  recent accomplishments are a 2nd place finish in halfpipe at the 2017 Sport Chek Air Nation event at Canada Olympic Park, 14th in halfpipe at the Europa Cup in Laax, Switzerland, and a 3rd place finish in halfpipe at the Canadian National Junior Championships in 2016.

When he’s not snowboarding Jack spends his times skateboarding, golfing, surfing and going on hikes in the mountains near his cabin around Radium, BC. His goals for the upcoming season are to continue climbing up the Canadian ranking list and progress towards becoming an Olympian for Canada.




- 3rd Air Nation Nationals, Canada Olympic Park, Alberta - 18/19
- 6th Mammoth Rev Tour - Mammoth, California - 18/19
- 6th US Rev Tour Rookie Fest 17/18
- 3rd Sport Chek Air Nation Nationals 17/18

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