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Riders name: Katrina Gerencser
Age: 24
Hometown: Guelph, Ontario 
Current residence: Burlington, Ontario
Stance on board: Regular 

Rider Bio

Growing up in Guelph, Ontario Katrina gave snowboarding a try because it looked “cool” and her older brother was doing it. After strapping into a board for the first time she soon after joined the Beaver Valley Ski Club and set out to work towards competing in provincial races. Little did she know where she was headed, as she is now member of the Canadian National Alpine Development Group. Her most memorable moment was in Carezza, Italy where she was hit with the realization that she had reached one of her dreams: competing on a World Cup circuit in a start gate halfway across the world. Snowboarding has taught Katrina to be more patient, determined and confident. When she is not snowboarding she enjoys photography, gaming, and film. Keep your eyes out for this one as she looks to take on the 2017/2018 season.


- 1st FIS Race Toronto Ski Club, ON PSL 17/18 
- 2nd Nor-Am Cup Holiday Valley Resort USA PGS 17/18 
- 2nd Nor-Am Cup Blue Mtn, ON PGS 17/18
- 2nd Nor-Am Cup Holiday Valley Resort USA PGS 17/18
- 3rd Nor-Am Cup Blue Mtn, ON PSL 17/18
- 2nd North American Cup Quebec PSL 2017
-2nd North American Cup Copper PSL 2017
-2nd North American Cup Steamboat Springs PSL 2017
-1st National Championships GS 2017