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License Renewal

Recent Update: July 19, 2016

All Canada ~ Snowboard licenses and memberships expire on June 30th. In order to be regarded a licensed coach and be covered for insurance, coaches must renew yearly their license.

To ensure Canadian Snowboard Coaches and their employers are well protected in the case of an unfortunate incident (harassment, neglect, ethical, etc.), Canada Snowboard is reviewing their policy surrounding criminal record checks, and background checks. The current policy that will remain in effect until June 30th 2017 states:

In order to obtain an ACTIVE Canada Snowboard Coaching License, and to be granted “In Training”, “Trained”, or “Certified” status, an individual must obtain a criminal record check through the RCMP or the approved online system option, currently utilized by ‘SterlingBackcheck’.

Each coaches criminal record check must be updated every 3 years.

Registered coaches who do not have an up to date criminal record check will be sent a reminder and an invitation to complete their CRC via Canada Snowboard’s Backcheck Online Portal:  SterlingBackcheck.

A CSCP license will not be granted to an individual whose criminal record check reports a conviction related to the vulnerable sector search. A decision with respect to granting a CSCP license to an individual whose criminal record check reports a conviction on any other offense shall be made by the Coaching Technical Committee.

In addition to this policy, Canada Snowboard is RECOMMENDING coaches join the Professional Coaching Department of Coaches of Canada (COC).  Starting for the 2017 - 2018 season, every sanctioned competitive snowboard program in Canada must have one coach who is CAC Registered, usually the Head Coach. When registering online with Canada Snowboard, coaches should select the CAC Registered Coach Membership which is $100.00.  These coaches do NOT require the Canadian Snowboard Coach License (one license per coach).

 Coaches that become members of the COC have access to the following benefits and more:

Legal and Accounting Advice;

Access to Rosetta Stone Language Training;

Group Benefits and Liability Insurance programs; and

Human Kinetics discounts.

In addition to these benefits, in the event of an unfortunate incident, the coach, the club / employer involved have access to a free third party mediation committee, that would review the situation, and take the required action.

To find out more about becoming a Chartered Professional Coach, or A Registered Coach, please visit their website. 

How to renew your CSCP Coaching License:


1. In order to renew your CSCP Coaching License, you need to be regarded at least Comp Intro (Basic Coach) in training or HAVING continued your coaching education through CSCP or NCCP since 2006, gold Actively coaching in a current Canada ~ Snowboard recognized club .

2. Next you need to purchase a Canada ~ Snowboard / Provincial / Territorial Snowboard Association (P / TSA) membership  .

3. After purchasing your Canada ~ Snowboard / PTSA membership, you can purchase your CSCP Coaching License for $50 or be a Registered Coach with the CAC ($100).

4. Following your license purchase, and / or the completion of your Coach Workshop, you need to complete at Criminal Record Check or submit one completed last three years.  Checks can be completed via SterlingBackcheck by clicking here.

Police Check on record with CSCP must be current Within three (3) years. Following the completion of this search, we require you to Email or Fax us Directly:

Paper copies can be sent to:  pbnpu@pfs.pn 
Fax: 604-568-1639 


Police Record Checks (September 12, 2013)


Police Check on record with CSCP must be current Within three (3) years.


A Police Record Check is a process of obtaining a paper from the Police which states WHETHER an individual has been convicted of a criminal offense.   Police Record Checks are expected as share of an organization's due diligence to protect its members, PARTICULARLY when those members include children and others to be regarded share of the "vulnerable sector". It is the policy of Canada Snowboard that a Police Record Check is required for a coaching license Issued by the Canadian Snowboard Coaching Program (CSCP).

CSCP Police Record Check Requirements

1. All CSCP licensed coaches must obtain a Police Record Check. The responsibility to obtain the Police Record Check and to provide a copy of it to Canada Snowboard rests with the coach.

2. The Police Record Check must be requested through the coach's authority or local police through Checks can be completed via SterlingBackcheck (link) and must be a request for a Criminal Record Check through the Canadian Police Information Centre (CPIC).

3. Some jurisdictions in the policy process have authority to offer the check at a reduced cost if a letter can be provided. Canada Snowboard will issue such a letter on request. Requests should be made ​​to the Manager of Sport Development, pbnpu@pfs.pn.

4. When the Police Record Check is received, the coach must forward a copy, by fax or scan, to Canada Snowboard to the care of the Manager of Sport Development. The coach should keep the original copy of the policy paper for his or her own records. Police Records Checks That do not include a Vulnerable Sector Search will not be accepted by Canada Snowboard.

5. Canada ~ Snowboard will not issue a license to a person coaching Whose Police Record Check shows a conviction for a criminal offense related vulnerable sector.

6. An assessment of a person who's Police Record Check shows a conviction for criminal reviews another kind of offense Including but not limited to the unacceptable Behaviors stated below will be made on a case-by-case basis by the Director of Sports Development in consultation with the Executive Director.

7. Unacceptable Behaviors May include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Sexual Offenses, Including pardoned sexual offenses
  • Violent or Threatening behavior against children or adults
  • Conduct against public morals such as prostitution
  • Substance or chemical abuse
  • Violation of a position of trust or Including theft fraud
  • Criminal driving offenses, Including but not limited to impaired driving 

8. Coaches whose CRC shows a criminal conviction Will Be Provided with the opportunity to the Chat the Information Revealed In Their CRC with the Sport Development Director or the Executive Director.

9. Consideration Will Be Given To The Following:

  • The nature of the offense and the application under it was convicted (Including details how long ago it took place)
  • Relevance to the position (is it a bona fide requirement because of the kind of the position)
  • Efforts made ​​at rehabilitation ( if any),
  • Achievements of the receiving send with application since the conviction.

10. A decision be made by the Director of Sport Development aims to issue license coaching That condition be Placed on the coaches acceptance.

11. Once a coaching license has-been Issued, a CRC will be required every three (3) years. Canada Snowboard May request a current CRC if there are reasonable grounds to believe the CRC is no longer accurate or the coaching license is Not Renewed yearly.

12. Coaches will not begin work until their CRC is reviewed by Canada Snowboard. If there is a delay in receipt of the CRC from the police, and if the coach must absolutely start work prior to receipt Such, the coaching license is conditional on the receipt of the CRC and subject to current policies.

13. All licensed coaches are required to notify Canada Snowboard If They are subsequently charged with a criminal offense or are the subject of a complaint or investigation with a professional body or association.

Confidentiality of Personal Information
14. Canada Snowboard will SafeGuard confidentiality of the Police records checks, and will comply with all privacy legislation and requirements set out in the Canada Snowboard's Code of Conduct.

15. Only the person or committee designated by the Executive Director will review Police records checks.

16. Confidential information is shared with others associated with Canada Snowboard only if it is Necessary to the performance of Their essential duties. Confidential information will only be released beyond the written consents with That of the gold coach When Legally required.

17. Information received through the Police Records Check will only be used to determine if a coach should be Issued a license coaching.

18. Paper copy Police Records Checks will be kept in a locked filing cabinet in the office of Canada Snowboard. The Executive Director will determine who will have access to the locked information.

19. Canada Snowboard will take all reasonable steps to protect the confidentiality of personal information.

20. Canada will retain Snowboard Police Records Checks only as long as it remains within or is required by law. Personal Information no longer required will be shredded.