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Leader Documents: For all things CSCP Training



1.   For All Contexts (ie. General Documents)
2.  Promotional Material
3.  Competition Introduction 
4.  Competition Introduction Advanced
5.  Competition Development
6.  Inspection Videos


For All Contexts:


  Promotional Material  (web format, ask for print copy)


Context:  Competition Introduction

A. Learning Facilitator

Required Pre-Course

During Course

Following the Course


B. Mentor/Evaluator Documents Training

Master Learning Facilitator
Master Evaluator 

c. Coaching Association of Canada Coach Developer Documents

Learning Facilitator training documents

Coach Evaluator training documents

Master Coach Developers in training documents

Context:  Competition Introduction Advanced

Learning Facilitators can contact pbnpu@pfs.pn for CIA resources

Context:  Competition Development

Learning Facilitators can contact pbnpu@pfs.pn for Comp Dev resources.


Inspection Videos