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RIDERS Program

A fun, confindence building introduction to the world of competitive snowboarding that's focused on skill development

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An important element of the Canada Snowboard RIDERS Program is the RIDERS Speed & Style series.

This coast-to-coast series for young snowboarders combines the basics of our sport with fun competition. Participants will have the chance to compete on a multi-discipline skills course designed to both build confidence and encourage athletes to put their developing skills into practice.

RIDERS Speed & Style Events:

  • Are fun
  • Are centered around participation rather than results
  • Are entry-level, multi-discipline competitions
  • Promote self-improvement and the application of skills learned in the RIDERS Program
  • Serve as an excellent capstone for RIDERS Program participants

The RIDERS Speed & Style Events are classified as Stage 3 events within our Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD) model and were developed to fill a gap in the availability of grassroots competitive snowboarding events.

Multi-discipline courses

Course Example #1:                                                                  

 Course Example #2:

These courses incorporate different elements from several snowboard disciplines

  • Snowboardcross: timed event over a course with a variety of “features”, such as turns, berms (or banked areas), jumps, and rollers.
  • Alpine Racing: a series of turns through gates and is scored by time.
  • Freestyle: includes jumps and park features like rails and boxes. 

If you’ve been snowboarding for less than three years or are new to competitive snowboarding, these events are for you!

Find an event near you and sign-up!

Check out all the RIDERS Speed & Style Events in the calendar below.  Click on any specific event to be taken to its registration page.



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