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RIDERS Program

A fun, confindence building introduction to the world of competitive snowboarding that's focused on skill development

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RIDERS Program & Events Delivery Partners

Hello snow school and snowboard club leaders,

The Canada Snowboard RIDERS Program continues to grow, as does the popularity of RIDERS Speed & Style Events, and we want you to become part of this important grassroots movement.

The RIDERS Program is divided into RIDERS Green and RIDERS Blue levels, which are delivered by snow schools, plus the RIDERS Black level delivered by snowboard clubs. In addition, participation-focused RIDERS Speed & Style Events can be organized and delivered by qualified resorts and clubs.

We have a fantastic group of current RIDERS delivery partners across the country already, and Canada Snowboard continues to actively seek additional delivery partnerships.

If you would like more information about becoming a RIDERS delivery partner, read the details below, or contact our team directly.

Kim Krahulec
Canada Snowboard's Senior Coordinator of Programs

Roberto Montanes
Canada Snowboard's Senior Coordinator of Events & Competitions

RIDERS PROGRAM Delivery Partner Benefits

Retain participants in your snow school longer
Reward your top instructors with more advanced lessons
Flexible curriculum tailored to the needs of your resort
Access to an online skills assessment and certificate tool
Active Support for curriculum delivery, assessment tool operation and event delivery
Free session plans developed by CASI and CSCP to ensure consistent, quality lessons for your snow school or club

For no charge, RIDERS Program delivery partners will receive: 

  • Twelve easy to follow session plans per level 
  • Online skill assessment tracking and certificate software
  • Access to additional support on staff training, program & event delivery


RIDERS events delivery partner benefits

RIDERS Events can either be run as a wrap up for participants in the RIDERS Program or may also be run as independent events at any resort to help engage young kids from the area. 

Delivery partners will receive the Canada Snowboard RIDERS Events Toolbox, which provides all the information needed to organize a RIDERS Speed & Style event, in addition to a promotional poster and access to an online event registration portal.


tools for existing delivery partners

Program delivery partners will soon be able to access the Canada Snowboard RIDERS toolboxes, documents and resources.
Web portal coming soon.