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Para-Snowboard Program

Developing athletes with a disability to experience competitive snowboarding from grassroots to the national level.

Athlete Development

The Para-Snowboard Program is divided into three levels of skill development: Learn, Train & Win


The Canadian Association for Disabled Skiing (CADS) has different snowboard programs across the country. Contact your Provincial CADS Representative to see what programs are offered near your home.

For more information about the CADS programs please contact Christian Hrab, CADS Executive Director at puevfgvna@pnqf.fxv 

Train, Win

The Train and Win levels are for athletes with physical disabilities. To register for activities at these levels, such as athlete development camps, events and seminars, you MUST be a member of your provincial association.


To purchase your provincial / territorial snowboard association membership, click here.

Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD) model

The idea of Para Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD) is to create a sport structure and a pathway to support athletes from the time they learn to walk through participation on the world stage - "from playground to podium".

It is composed of 8 stages based on the participant’s developmental (both physiological and mental) age, rather than chronological age.

Our goal is to have a fully integrated system in place for para-snowboarders to reach the podium.

The Para LTAD document can be accessed online by click here, but you’ll need a password to open it. This can be obtained by contacting vasb@pnanqnfabjobneq.pn.



Para-Snowboard Development Camps

*Before you register for a camp:

All Athletes who want to participate at the Para Snowboard Camp should be from Stage 3, Stage 4 or above based on the Canada Snowboard Long Term Athlete Development plan and be classified as Snowboard Lower Limb (LL) or Snowboard Upper Limb (UP):

Sport Class SB LL: Snowboarders in this sport class have leg impairments, such as amputations above the ankle, stiffness of ankle or knee joint or muscle weakness. Athletes with amputations will use prosthesis during the races.

Sport Class SB UL: Snowboarders in the have impairments of the upper limbs, which impacts on the ability to balance when racing.



*Before you register for an event:

In order to be able to compete, you'll need a valid IPC Snowboard License and a Classification status.

IPC License: Send a copy of your passport and fill out the IPC Eligibility Code to Tyler Ashbee - glyre@pnanqnfabjobneq.pn.

IPC Classification: Check out the IPC Classification details here.



For more information about the Para-Snowboard Athlete Development, contact
Kim Krahulec - cnen@pnanqnfabjobneq.pn.