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What is SAIP insurance?

SAIP Insurance is a sport accident insurance policy that is specifically designed to make extended medical coverage available and affordable for you to participate in snowboard training and competition.  It covers costs associated with incurring an accident while participating in a sanctioned training or competition activity.  There are many costs included that aren’t traditionally covered by your standard Provincial/Territorial health care coverage.

In order to be covered, you must be participating in a Canada Snowboard sanction training or competition activity, wearing a certified helmet, and under the supervision of a licensed coach. 

*Expiry date: SAIP insurance policies, like memberships and licenses, expire on June 30th of each year.

Do I need SAIP Insurance if I already have OTHER insurance?

For all athletes participating in FIS sanctioned events (such as the Provincial Series, NorAms, World Cups or World Championships), obtaining SAIP insurance prior to competition is mandatory, regardless of any other existing coverage they may have in place.

SAIP coverage is also recommended for athletes traveling to train or compete out-of-province, as it simplifies the Canadian inter-provincial medical payment and reimbursement process in the case of a claim. For athletes traveling out-of-country to train or compete while under the supervision of a Canada Snowboard Coach, it is strongly recommended that they obtain SAIP coverage prior to departure. To learn more about why you may want or need to obtain SAIP insurance, click here.

Which level of SAIP insurance is right for me?

Level 3 – ($ 83) Available to all members, minimum requirement for Canadian FIS events. No out of country coverage is included. Coverage only valid when training or competing under the supervision of a Canada Snowboard Coach and in a Sanctioned Activity. 

Level 2 – ($ 503) Available to all members, similar coverage to 2 and includes up to 30 consecutive days out of country minimum requirement for US/International FIS events.  Coverage only valid when training or competing under the supervision of a Canada Snowboard Coach and in a Sanctioned Activity.  

Level 1 – ($ 1222) Is available to National Team Members or by Special Request. Additional coverage includes up to 60 consecutive days out of country. Coverage only valid when training or competing under the supervision of a Canada Snowboard Coach and in a Sanctioned Activity.

For additional details about SAIP coverage, click here.



How do I purchase SAIP insurance ?

You’ll be able to purchase a FIS license when you register or renew your membership for the season. If you require a FIS License later in the season, it can be obtained by upgrading your membership.


SAIP Procedures

**SAIP is provided by AIG Insurance.  The claims process contact numbers may have changed from previous seasons. See below for attachments and details.

  • Ensure you have met the requirements for SAIP coverage to be valid. Use the attached quick sheet for contact numbers and policy number if you are traveling internationally and/or need to receive treatment. 
  • SAIP Information Wallet Card
  • Have you been injured? The first step is to report the incident directly to AIG via the 24/7 numbers on the quick sheet, AND email Canada Snowboard at the email addresses provided on the requirements for SAIP sheet.  Once the nature of the claim is determined, AIG will provide a claim sheet. 

To purchase SAIP Insurance , you must create or sign into your membership profile. Click here.


Please note that all Canada Snowboard memberships, FIS Licenses,  and SAIP policies expire on June 30th of each year, regardless of the purchase date.

If you have any unanswered questions, contact us by email at info@canadasnowboard.ca or call the office at 604-354-7298.