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Membership & Licenses

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All athletes, coaches, officials, judges, and associate members will use this system to purchase and manage memberships as well as register for events and courses.

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Why should I register?  What is included in my registration fees?

All snowboarders are required to register and be a member of their Provincial/Territorial Snowboard Association in order to participate in ANY sanctioned Canada Snowboard activities.  This includes participation in anything from club training with a coach, all the way up to competing in a World Cup.

Your registration includes liability insurance to train, be coached, be part of a club and compete (but does not include supplementary medical insurance – this is SAIP insurance which can be purchased separately).

You’ll also get access to a great member benefits program, offering discounts to a number of awesome companies.


How long is my registration valid for?

All Canada Snowboard, FIS, and SAIP memberships and licenses expire on June 30th of each year, regardless of the purchase date.


How much does it cost to register?

In order to register, you are required to purchase a C~S and Provincial/Territorial Membership.  The cost of your membership will vary depending on which province you reside in, as provincial membership costs are set independently by each province.


Which Athlete License is right for me?

Athlete - Recreational/Training License: Any member who snowboards with a coach or a club but does not plan to compete in any events this season

*Not eligible to purchase a FIS license
*Eligible to purchase SAIP insurance

Athlete - Basic Competitor License: Any member who plans to compete in any sanctioned competition up to the level of Provincial Series events (ie. Riders events, all sanctioned club activities and local sanctioned events)

*Not eligible to purchase a FIS license
*Eligible to purchase SAIP insurance

Athlete - Advanced Competitor License: Any member who plans to compete at Provincial Series events or higher-level sanctioned event(s) this season.  This includes NorAms, Canadian Nationals, FIS and TTR sanctioned events.

*Eligible to purchase a FIS license
*Eligible to purchase SAIP insurance


Which Coaching License is right for me?

Standard - required for all Canada Snowboard trained / certified coaches
Coaching Association of Canada membership - includes additional professional development modules
 * to be mandatory for all program and club Head Coaches starting in 2017-18 season

SAIP - coaches with either of the above types of membership are eligible to purchase SAIP insurance


What is an Associate Member?

An Associate Membership is a way to be part of the Canada Snowboard community and receive all pertinent communication. This membership does not give you the ability to compete in snowboard training/competitions, purchase SAIP, purchase a FIS license, or access a number of membership benefits provided to C~S Members.  Associate members are parents, friends, administrators, and other interested individuals, who are not athletes, coaches, officials or judges.


I've already registered for the season, but now I want to add another role, change my athlete license and/or purchase SAIP insurance or a FIS license.  How do I upgrade my membership?

To upgrade your membership, you will first need to go to the GoalLine site and login using your username and password. 

If you are looking to add another role, click the ‘Select Registration’ dropdown list on the main page, select the desired role registration, and follow the steps.

To change your athlete license and/or purchase SAIP insurance or a FIS license, click the ‘Choose a form’ dropdown list at the top left. From there, select the appropriate role you are looking to upgrade and click ‘Register Now’. Simply go through your existing registration form and upgrade your membership / products as needed.

You will only pay for the difference between your existing membership, and your upgraded one.


Please note that all CS, FIS, and SAIP memberships and licenses expire on June 30th of each year regardless of the purchase date.

If you have any questions not answered, contact us by email at info@canadasnowboard.ca or call the office at 604-354-7298