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What is a FIS license?  

A FIS license is required by any athlete participating in FIS sanctioned event, such as Provincial Series events, NorAms, World Cups or World Championships. 

A FIS licence can only be purchased through the country of which the athlete is a citizen, therefore, you must be a Canadian citizen to buy a FIS Licence through Canada Snowboard / SnowReg. 

How much does it cost?

The annual cost of a FIS license is $35.00.  If you are purchasing a FIS license, it is also mandatory to purchase SAIP insurance.


How do I purchase a FIS license?

FIS Licenses can be purchased during your membership renewal / registration at the start of the season.  If you require SAIP or FIS later in the season, they can be purchased by upgrading your membership.


The FIS requires that all athletes participating in FIS sanctioned events also obtain SAIP coverage. To learn more, click here.