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Air Nation Freestyle Tour

Sun Peaks | Mont Tremblant | Maximise | Moonstone | COP


Registration Deadline

Online registration is recommended and will close at 6PM on February 11, 2020

Onsite registration is limited to space availability and will close at 11AM on February 12, 2020. Onsite registration will be provided at the event office and in exact cash only or credit card (VISA or MASTERCARD).


International Athletes Notice

To confirm your registration, the Event Organizers MUST receive a written confirmation from your National Snowboard Association confirming that you are in good standing, prior to your arrival at the event.  The confirmation letter can be submitted by email to: rirarzragf@dhrorpfabjobneq.pn 
NOTE: A valid FIS License is required to register.


Competitors must meet the following age limit in order to compete (FIS Rule 2011.3)
Must 13 years of age as at December 31, 2019
In order to be listed on the FIS Ranking, competitors must hold a valid FIS License.
Canadian athletes can purchase Provincial/Territorial Advanced Membership, SAIP Insurance and FIS license online under Member Services.

Registration Fees

Competition Online Registration Onsite Registration
SBS One (1) Day $143.72 $165
SBS Two (2) Days $287.44 $320


**All Participating athletes and coaches are required to sign in at the Event Office.


canadian Athletes Registration HERE

international athletes registration HERE


Canadian Coaches Registration

All Canadian coaches at events must register and meet the Canadian Minimum Coach Certification Standards.
To ensure you fully understand the coach certification requirements, review the Coach Minimum Standards Policy

Coaches Registration HERE


Refund Policy

Any refund of Event Registration Fee requires the approval Quebec Snowboard Association Executive Director.
Request for refund must be submitted by email to: rirarzragf@dhrorpfabjobneq.pn 
The following are viable reasons for permitting Event Registration Fee refunds:
  • Event cancellation or date/location changes
  • Injury sustained prior to event training, preventing participation in event (must be confirmed with doctor’s note)
  • Exceptions: hardship special circumstances require the prior approval of Quebec Snowboard Association Executive Director
Refunds for cash or cheque transactions must be refunded by cheque.
Credit card refunds must be processed via card transaction credit.
Membership, SAIP Insurance and FIS license fees are not refundable.
Lift Tickets are not refundable.
Please find Canada Snowboard's Refund Policy HERE.

Lift Tickets

Athletes : Discounted lift ticket for training and competition will be offered. Vouchers will be provided at sign in and will be purchased at guest services.