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Air Nation Freestyle Tour

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February 12-14, 2020
Mont Tremblant, QC

Air Nation Mont Tremblant

Air Nation Mont Tremblant is the 2nd Air Nation stop of the Air Nation Freestyle Tour.
Air Nation Mont Tremblant brings together the best freestyle snowboarding athletes in North America to compete in 2 Slopestyle events over two days.
Dustin Heise, Executive Director of Canada Snowboard, is excited to have a World Class event grace the slopes of Mont Tremblant.
“On behalf of Canada Snowboard and our provincial partners, it is my distinct pleasure to extend a warm welcome to all of our Canadian and international athletes participating in this event.
We know that the organizers have worked hard to prepare the course and ensure that all the details have been taking care of to allow you to enjoy and compete at your highest level. Hoping that this event will be a memorable part of your competitive career as you strive to realize your personal snowboarding aspirations.
From all of us involved with competitive snowboarding in Canada, we wish each and every one of you the very best.
Have fun, go well and good luck!”