Safe Sport


May 21, 2024

Canada Snowboard is delighted to announce the long term partnership with VANA Health, the world leading developer and provider of cutting edge polyphenol supplements. 

This strategic collaboration will further support and promote the ongoing excellence of our Canadian national team athletes across all disciplines through the innovative use of natural health products, whilst in-event activations and member discount options will bring world leading polyphenol science to the wider snowboard community in Canada.

VANA Health has a track record of supporting high-performance professional athletes across several sporting disciplines, and is renowned for its commitment to harnessing the power of polyphenols, a diverse group of plant compounds known for their antioxidant properties and potential health benefits. By integrating these scientifically backed supplements into the training and recovery regimens of Canada Snowboard's athletes, both organizations seek to optimize overall health and athletic performance.

"Good health is inextricably linked to good performance and we are thrilled to partner with Canada Snowboard in their mission to empower and elevate snowboarding excellence in Canada," said Sak Narwal, Co-founder and CEO at VANA Health. "Our polyphenol supplements will support athletes' vitality, recovery, and resilience, providing them with a natural advantage in their pursuit of success on the slopes."

Misha Andric, VANA Health’s Co-founder and President, added: “High performance sport requires investment in both mind and body and polyphenols provide that crucial link aiding cellular renewal while reducing oxidative stress. We welcome Canada Snowboard’s embrace of cutting-edge nutrition and its belief that our daily two-shot polyphenol regimen will benefit their elite athletes.”

As part of this collaboration, Canada Snowboard's elite athletes will have access to Vana Health's premium polyphenol supplements, including products specifically formulated to boost immunity, enhance energy levels, and promote recovery after intense training sessions and competitions.

"We are excited to welcome VANA Health as a valued partner. Their commitment to natural health aligns perfectly with our goal of supporting our athletes' holistic well-being, ensuring they have the resources they need to achieve their full potential in snowboarding."
Dustin Heise, Canada Snowboard CEO

Through shared values of health, wellness and excellence, this partnership represents a dedication to innovation, performance, and wellness within the snowboarding community. Together, VANA Health and Canada Snowboard look forward to making a positive impact on the health and success of Canadian snowboard athletes.

For more information about VANA Health and its polyphenol supplements, please visit VANA Health's website.