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The Magic That Is Snowboarding | Big Air Recap at CWG

March 6, 2023

Crowds gathered under the lights for the final snowboard event - Snowboard Big Air - at the Mark Arendz Resort. 

With a three run format, taking the combined score of two jumps and a requirement that each scoring trick must be performed in two different directions (one left spinning rotation and one right), highlighted the range of talent these riders have. 

In 3rd, in the men’s field we had BC’s own Tosh Krauskopf execute a smooth backside double cork 1080 weddle grab combined with a frontside 1080 indy to take the bronze. This marks Krauskopf’s second medal (with a silver in slopestyle) at the 2023 Canada Games.

In 2nd, Laurent Either, went to the moon on a massive frontside 1080 weddle grab, and backed it up with a cab (switch frontside) 1080 weddle grab, to nab silver. With a bronze in slopestyle a few days earlier makes  this Laurent’s second medal of the week. 

The gold, was claimed yet again by non other than Eli Bouchard with Team Quebec. He took  the top spot with a clean frontside 1080 tail grab, and a backside double cork 1260 weddle grab, with the highest landed rotation of the day making it his second gold medal in four days.

L>R: Silver: Laurent Either (Team QC) | Gold: Eli Bouchard (Team QC) | Bronze: Tosh Krauskopf (Team BC)

On to the women, we had Team Alberta’s, Felicity Geremia, who performed a frontside 540 melon grab and a backside 360 tail grab to walk away with the bronze, adding to her silver in snowboardcross the day earlier. 

It was Quebec’s own, Juliette Vallerand, who captured the silver medal in big air with a big backside 360 tail grab and a frontside 540 weddle grab. Vallerand is leaving the 2023 Canada Games with not one but two silver medals (with a previously earned slopestyle silver). 

Taking the gold in tonight’s big air was Amelia Pelchat, with a near perfect frontside 720 weddle grab and a backside 360 weddle grab, demonstrating that combined elements of large amplitude and clean execution prevail in the world of big air snowboarding. Pelchat is walking away with three medals (slopestyle gold, big air gold, and snowboardcross bronze) for Team BC.

L>R (Silver: Juliette Vallerand (Team QC) | Gold: Amelia Pelchat (Team BC) | Bronze: Felicity Geremia (Team AB) 

The vibes of the week were high. It’s one thing to do well as an athlete at the games, but it’s another to witness the passion these riders and teams have for the sport. No matter who was in the lead or the contingent they were competing for… riders, coaches, volunteers and fans celebrated the success of those around them. Smiles, high fives, fist bumps and hugs ruled the finish area. It is these moments that fuel the magic and richness in the snowboard community.

Big Air Men
Big Air women 


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