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Top 7 reasons to get a CS/PTSA membership

January 12, 2023

As the 2022/2023 winter snowboard season kicks into gear, did you know that the opportunities are endless with a Canada Snowboard & Provincial/Territorial Snowboard Association (PTSA) membership! From exclusive events, programs and competitions, to discounts on top-of-the-line gear, we have everything you need to elevate your skills and dominate on the mountain. Imagine representing Canada in international competitions, receiving professional coaching, and connecting with a community of passionate snowboarders. Don't just dream about it, make it a reality with a Canada Snowboard/PTSA membership.


Here’s the Top 7 reasons why you should join Canada Snowboard and your PTSA now, and start dominating the mountain.

Access to Exclusive Events and Competitions 

 As a member, you will have access to exclusive sanctioned events and competitions that are only open to registered members. These events are not only a great way to improve your skills and meet other snowboarders, but also move up the rankings towards the national team and win some prizes along the way. 

Ability to Represent Canada in national and international Competitions

Being a member also opens the door for you to represent Canada in international competitions. This is a great opportunity for talented snowboarders to showcase their skills on the global stage and gain recognition within the industry.

Access to Professional Coaching and Training

Depending on your pathway, through camps or joining a club, you will have access to professional coaching and training resources. These resources are tailored to help you improve your skills and advance your snowboarding career.


Connection to a Community of Snowboarders

Being a member means that you will be connected to a community of passionate snowboarders. Whether it’s through a club, program or event, this community will provide you with support, inspiration and valuable networking opportunities that can help you take your snowboarding to the next level.

Access to Shredhookup discounts!

Members are eligible for a variety of discount opportunities. Get hooked up with amazing deals from our Shred Hookup Partners including, Onesporter (#1 digital training tool for athletes & coaches) Oakley, Skullcandy, SPY, Hitcase, Garmin, Superfeet, Icebreaker Merino, and much more!


Access to Insurance

Members are able to access liability and optional accident/injury insurance coverage when training or competing in sanctioned activities. This is important for protecting yourself and others.

Opportunity to Give Back to the Snowboarding Community

You will have the opportunity to give back to the snowboarding community by volunteering and participating in events and programs that promote the growth and development of snowboarding in Canada.


For more information on the wealth of benefits that a Canada Snowboard/PTSA Membership can provide to take your snowboarding to the next level, please visit our Membership Benefits Page. Together we want you to be well equipped to succeed both on and off the mountain. 


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