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October 5, 2022

In this second Wiretapped blog article, we managed to catch Truth upon his return from Australia, just before he jumped back onto the plane heading for Saas-Fee. Truth Smith is on the rise, and he's building himself an enviable reputation build on style and consistency. The guy is always smiling from ear to ear, both on and off the slopes. He is the "truth" definition of a guy who spreads positivity all around him - a good vibes magnet!

Hey Truth, How was this first trip with the Slopestyle team Down Under?

- Oh man, Camp was sick. It was fun. Vibes were high. Everyone gave everything they had. For real - overall incredible camp.

First time in Australia? 

- Actually, no. I went there when I was 15, but it was still awesome. 

Different vibe than the first time?

- Nope! Same vibe, same good time. The snowboard community is amazing there. Everybody is stoked to ride. All the aussie boarders are super nice.

How was it to train on the airbag and then be able to go straight up on snow?

- It's definitely good, it's a massive cheat code to go from the Airbag to snow. You can really improve some tricks and see the progress right after.

Landed any new ones on the snow? 

- Yeah man. I landed front 14, back 12, Cab triple, and a Cab 14.

You are officially on the National Team. Congrats! How do you feel about it?

- It's pretty good to join the squad. It’s another step on the pathway. Stoked for the opportunity and looking forward to being at the top of my game.

What does a regular day of training look like?

- I'm staying on my own with some homies (not with the team), so I need to drive to the mountain. I wake up super early, drive an hour to Thredbo, go into the low lodge, stretch a bit, take the chair, head up to the sleds, and lap. Sometimes I arrived before everyone else, which allowed me to have the sled all to myself and to mess around hahaha. Depending on how we were feeling after, we often had a Skateboarding session. 

How was the jump Charles built?

- It was the best jump ever, because everything was perfect. It felt so safe and the landing was always so soft. 

There was a lot of talent out there, but who impressed you the most? 

- Jakester (Jacob Legault) really impressed me, he laced some solid tricks. He was getting shit done. In my opinion, Finn (Finestone) had the best style out there and of course, Darcy (Sharpe) has got so much experience, he was also putting on a good show for the team.

By the way, congratulations on winning the Bush Doof Rail Jam!

- It was pretty cray, hahaha! First time rail jamming with the big dawgs and ending up winning it. I was pretty stoked. It was definitely the cherry on the top of this trip. It was insane to win with the crew by my side.

How do you feel about jumping on the World Cup circuit? 

- For real, competing is a little bit stressful, hanging with the big dawgs. I’m trying to improve my game as much as possible. Looking forward to gaining some experience. I'm looking forward to competing in Edmonton at The Style Experience. It seems pretty cool! Calgary too. 

What trick are you working on at the moment?

- I want to get the 14 dialed. Back to back 12s is also one of my main goals. 

What’s next for you buddy?

- Back to Whistler for 4 days and going straight up to Saas (Fee). No time to rest.


And.... he's gone. Stay tuned for his first appearance on the World Cup circuit.


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