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Join Canada Snowboard's Athletes Council

July 5, 2022




The Athletes Council (AC) makes sure the athlete voice is heard and valued at a board level. The AC is a sub-committee of the board of directors for Canada Snowboard (CS).

Athlete representatives on the AC are a diverse group of active and retired athletes representing all disciplines of CS. The Athlete representative with a seat on the CS board is usually the chair of the CSAC, this athlete brings the athlete voice to the board meetings, for the athletes by the AC.


In addition, the Athlete Council is taking concrete steps to help athletes be better represented within Canada Snowboard. Several accomplishments include:

  • Athlete Representation on the Board of Directors
  • Athlete Handbook
  • Annual Anonymous Survey
  • Annual Athlete Report to Canada Snowboard


There are currently 7 available spots for current or retired national team athletes to join the Canada Snowboard Athletes Council. 

The Athlete council is looking for Alpine 2x, HP 1x, SBX 1x, Slope 1x, Para 2X 


Interested in giving back to the sport and contributing to a better representation of athletes? Click here for the full job description. 


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