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The Gathering - Youth Performance Program

April 7, 2022

The Gathering - Youth Performance Program
Multi-Discipline Spring Camp at Sunshine Village, AB


Join us this May at The Gathering - Canada Snowboard’s first week long Youth Performance Camp! Grab your boards and meet us on the hill on the Holy Bowly course at Sunshine Village for a week of skill development, progression, fun times and good vibes. By bringing together clubs, coaches and riders from across the country along with Canada Snowboard High Performance coaches, this week-long adventure provides an epic opportunity for both coaches and riders to celebrate our sport and grow as a community.

Coaches and riders will have the opportunity to learn from each other, as well as the from the High-Performance coaches, who will help everyone progress their riding and coaching across multiple disciplines within this unique venue.

May 2nd-8th, 2022 at Sunshine Village on the Holy Bowl Course athletes at early development stages
*Participation during the entire week is not mandatory, during the registration coaches will be asked which dates they will be attending, and who their athletes will be.

CoachesCoach registration only SnowReg - The deadline for registration for both coach and athletes is April 22th 9:00pm Mountain Time
As this is a team training opportunity, all athletes must attend with coaches and coaches will be responsible for registering all riders for the camp. During the coach registration process you will be asked to list all your athletes who will be attending, and which dates you will all be attending. 
Riders: Please work with your coach on registering for the event. As this is a team training opportunity, all athletes must attend with coaches and coaches will be responsible for registering all riders for the camp. Coaches must register first and list all the athletes who are attending. From there they will be sent a registration link for athletes to register. If you are interested in attending, please discuss with your coach!
If you have any questions please contact Mike Stastook at Zvxr.Fgnfgbbx@pnanqnfabjobneq.pn.The deadline for registration for both coach and athlete is April 22th 9:00pm Mountain time.

  • Transition riding
  • Proper body positioning/vertical movement skills
  • Pumping
  • Absorbing
  • Spinning uphill and downhill off transition features
  • Spotting techniques
  • Initiating rotations
  • Increasing pop
  • Keeping your board on the ground in order to go faster
  • Multi-directional spinning 
  • Take off angles for hips
  • Linking spins
  • Bettering drop-ins
  • Head to head racing 
  • Timed racing zones
  • How to maintain a course

Everyone will be supporting each other and coaches will be helping the athletes flow through multiple pre-planned stations within the venue, in order to best set up each and every individual for success and growth in multiple aspects of snowboarding.

A few options are available: Sunshine Spring Passes (currently the cheapest option) 
Passes are available here: SSVSpring Pass
The lift ticket training rate (per day not including GST) from Sunshine:
Athletes 6-12: $45 
Athletes 13-17: $85
Athletes and coaches 18+: $105

Canada Snowboard and Provincial and Territorial Snowboard Associations are committed to providing and maintaining a safe and healthy environment for all our stakeholders and safeguarding the broader communities in which they live and play.   

All Canada Snowboard Sanctioned training will follow the Canada Snowboard Vaccination Policy. You can find the latest information on federal and local health authorities and the current Covid 19 regulations on the Canada Snowboard Covid 19-Page.


Join Olympic Gold Medalist & Canadian National Snowboardcross Team Coach Maëlle Ricker, along with Olympian & Alpine National Team Rider Megan Farrell for an epic Elleboard Ride Day March 7th! Open to all women, this fun riding session will take you through the Holy Bowly course and give you a chance to learn, progress your riding and have some laughs along the way!

You don’t have to be attending the camp in order to sign up. Register here.


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