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SNOWBOARDERS TEAM UP TO FIND AN EPIC NEW RIDE… made possible by Burton Snowboards 

March 12, 2021


Montréal, March 4th, 2021 – Since last August, JACKALOPE.TV has been blowing up with unique productions highlighting sports, action, the lifestyle that goes with it and, of course, adrenaline! After venturing into skateboarding, BASE jumping and bouldering, the JACKALOPE.TV team has partnered with Burton, and is hitting the Murdochville mountains for an hors piste snowboarding adventure on the Gaspé peninsula. Four Québécois snowboarders, renowned on the international stage and revered in their community, have come together for Dreamline, a film that transports us to dreamlike snowscapes and inspires everyone who lives for the possibilities of winter.

No longer just an old mining town, Murdochville is now the powder paradise of eastern North America. And for the past few months, an ambitious project has been in the works. Imagine exploring Mount York, an untouched mountain at the heart of the Chic-Choc mountain range, to carve out a brand-new hors piste experience, at one with nature. 

For Zach Aller, Anto Chamberland and Fred Lacroix, it’s a dream come true. And this is the most ambitious venture yet for these boarders, who have shone worldwide in slopestyle and street. “All of us have traveled a lot for snowboarding. And while we’ve competed, as we get older, we want to explore other things. Snowboarding never stops, it just keeps evolving. For us, the shift to backcountry came quite naturally,” says Zach.

“We want to capture the most amazing powder images ever filmed in Québec. And for it to be soul snowboarding 100%,” adds Zach. “We’re pros, but we’re friends too. Our goal was to share this experience together, totally throw ourselves into it, and put our passion out there. Québec is blessed with some truly exceptional terrain, and this is a chance to shine the spotlight on it. The experience will be really unique, both in terms of emotion and the extreme aspects of its execution.”

The athletes will be hosted by Gaspé athlete Mylaine Robichaud a.k.a. “the snowbum from the east”. Part-time nurse and full-time hors piste devotee, she racks up between 75 and 100 rides a year. Mylaine is also a Chic-Chac guide, patroller and trainer in hors piste medicine. Not only is she passionate about her sport, but Mylaine is a huge fan of her region. Our three snowboarders couldn’t have hoped for a better partner on this project. 

The production team was given carte blanche on a swath of the skiable area that belongs to Chic-Chac, a local business specializing in adventure tourism. From the surrounding nature to the height of slopes, and angles to potential speeds, everything was assessed. “Trails are often built without taking boarders’ recommendations and expectations into account. But this time around, the line will be made by us, for us. It doesn’t get any better than this!” says Anto, who has already spent several weeks in Gaspésie prepping the terrain.