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Podcast – “Fear of a Flat Planet” W/ Sandrine Hamel presented by Toyota

May 15, 2021

“Within the team we’re really competitive with each other so that brings a really good energy. The top of the course is different than when we’re eating breakfast or bowling or whatever we’re doing. After the race were all friends” – Sandrine Hamel

Interview with Sandrine Hamel – Paralympian (2018), x2 Silver Medalist at World Championships Finland 2019 – in this episode of “Fear of a Flat Planet” with John Leslie presented by Toyota.

Your quick – topic – fix

  1. Pivoting through the pandemic from competition to training 
  2. Training at Sunshine Village and an epic slalom course build by Arena Snowparks
  3. What makes a course a PARA COURSE...
  4. The ability to make up some uber fun answers to the all too common questions around the disability – Shark Attack! 
  5. Zero to Hero – faced with a car accident, being put on oxygen moments before racing, and walking away with BRONZE at Dew Tour all in the same day
  6. The 2014 Olympic inspiration Sandrine drew upon to get into Para Snowboarding – some familiar names here  
  7. Basketball, boxing and dirtbiking and drum classes– Sandrines go-to outside of snowboarding! 

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