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Podcast: “Fear of a Flat Planet” w/ John Leslie presented by Toyota

March 30, 2021

“I had such a supportive community, friend group, and family. It really wasn’t just me, I’m a product of my surroundings and I hit the jackpot. It’s one of those opportunities [to choose your outlook] on the world.  If I had the attitude of “this sucks, woe is me” that’s what I received, but If I was positive and tried new things, that’s what I got.” – John Leslie


Interview with John Leslie – 2 x Paralympian, multiple world cup medalist, and soon to be host of the FOAFP Paralympic episodes – in this episode of “Fear of a Flat Planet” with Henry Jackson presented by Toyota.

Your quick – topic – fix

  • Pivoting life during the pandemic & Spearhead traverse split boarding goal
  • Growing up outside of a big mountain town
  • John’s trip out west and start with the Paralympic team
  • Progressing and growing with Canada Snowboard
  • Childhood sports and Cancer diagnosis, return to sport and transition to snowboarding
  • How the snowboarding community accepts Paralympic snowboarders
  • Dealing with burnout post PyeongChang 2018 and into the pandemic, and goals for Beijing 2022
  • Showcasing John’s prosthetic foot quiver, and how his foot prosthetic works with his snowboarding and in the gym. 
  • How to approach a Paralympic snowboarder 101 – How to ask questions and chat with a Paralympian
  •  John’s riding when he’s not in competition and how he progresses his boarding outside of training camps 
  • How to stay driven and motivated, and what the competition is like within the team. 

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