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Podcast: “Fear of a Flat Planet” w/ Jack MacDougall

February 2, 2021


“Back in March I ended up breaking a small part of my back so I haven’t ridden much since then. This year I want to focus on getting my tricks back and diversifying my riding”  – Jack MacDougall


Interview with Jack MacDougall -  Gold in Big Air at WSSF 2019 & x5 Air Nation Tour podiums - in this episode of "Fear of a Flat Planet" with Liam Brearley.

Your quick - topic - fix 

  1. Grew up riding at Nighthawk Adventure Park in Grande Prairie, BC which is “river bank” not a mountain 
  2. Jack’s family invested interests – Mom worked in ski patrol and his older brother was a snowboard instructor – kick started his snowboarding career
  3. Why he wants to diversify his riding more than ever
  4. Moving to Whistler
  5. Digs listening to tunes in the park but not the pow
  6. Goals to be on the Canadian National Team 
  7. Skateboarding and why he loves it
  8. Olympics are not out of sight for Jack

Stay tuned for more interviews with our freestyle NextGen and National Team in the “Fear of a Flat Planet” podcast series hosted by Henry Jackson and Liam Brearley.  

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