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Podcast: Fear of a Flat Planet w/ Nic Laframboise

December 8, 2020

“I was freakin nervous, I am not going there, there’s no way...  and then I placed second” - Nic Laframboise

Exclusive interview with the x2 Silver World Cup Medalist aka the "Flying Rasberry", Nic Laframboise, in this episode of "Fear of a Flat Planet" with Liam Brearley.

Your quick - topic - fix at a glance. 

  1. Scary Start - Freaking out to 2nd place
  2. Roots with Quebec Snowboard Team
  3. Opportunity to Film
  4. He backs wearing a Tuxedo
  5. Superstitions Riding with Music - Music is a Must but there is only One Way According to Nic
  6. Why Teleportation is Needed more than Ever
  7. Future Vision - To Keep having Fun

Stay tuned for more podcast interviews with our Next Gen Team,  'Fear of a Flat Planet' hosted by Next Gen rider Liam Brearley


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