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November 4, 2019

We caught Jack Collins - Halfpipe National Team Rider for his thoughts on this year’s Snow Rodeo in Calgary and on growing up riding pipe at COP. 


Hometown: Calgary, Alberta

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Memorable Home Resort moments

Some of my most memorable moments happened at my home resort of Fortress Mountain. I can remember riding down the steep terrain while my parents took turns lifting me up periodically, preventing me from sinking too deep into the snow. My early days of riding this challenging terrain definitely set me up for success in the halfpipe.

Memorable competitive moments: 

Last year I have had some of my most memorable competitive moments. It was my first year riding on the World Cup circuit and experiencing a whole new level of riders and competition. For me, the Burton US Open at vail was the most stand out moment. It was probably the biggest competition I have ever been to and it felt nothing like a competition. At that event I felt like I was truly just snowboarding and had no stress from competition. It was inspiring to see the world of snowboarding all come together as one community.

Coaches/Staff that have made an impression on you:

This last year I have accomplished some of my highest goals alongside a team, crew and family of people who have supported me to the fullest. Along the years I have had such outstanding coaches that have aided me in getting to the level I’m at now. I continue to push further and strive for more and I couldn’t do it without the support from Canada Snowboard and my coach Micheal Slaughter. He is an outstanding coach that is enthusiastic about our team, our values and his family. I could not ask for a better role model to continue my snowboarding career with.

What has COP meant to you as a training ground?

COP is important to me since it the only hill in Canada with a full-size halfpipe. It is an essential facility to halfpipe snowboarding in Canada. I am very grateful to live in a city with a hill so close to me.


What do you love most about COP?

I grew up at COP and spent most of my childhood at the hill. When I was younger, I would go to school, come home and eat, do homework if there was any and then head to COP for the rest of the night. I spent my weekends there as well. Basically, any free time I had was spent there or at the mountains. I have fond memories hanging out at COP and I made so many lifelong relationships there.

Thoughts on COP’s continued support for up and coming talent: 

COP is always improving the support they provide to upcoming athletes. I believe the World Cup last year was a great event that re-introduced World Cup riding to Calgary again. It made a positive impact to the Canadian halfpipe scene.

Thoughts on COP hosting this year’s World Cup: 

World Cup level competitions are an essential part to sparking and maintaining interest for the halfpipe scene in Canadian snowboarding. COP hosting the World Cup again this year is going to be great!

Your amazing COP moment: 

My most amazing COP moment was when the Canadian Burton Open happened here in 2010. I was 11 years old and I had never experienced anything like it. I was overwhelmed, there was so many people and things going on, not to mention all the pros there. I had a realization that this scene was where I wanted to be when I grew up.



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