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2019/20 Athlete Assistance Program Preliminary Nominations

June 11, 2019

Vancouver, BC - Canada Snowboard, in accordance with its Carding Nomination Criteria for the Sport Canada Athlete Assistance Program for the 2019-20 Carding Cycle, would like to identify the athletes below who will be recommended for nominations.
The purpose of this preliminary list of nominations is to provide athletes with a review period of seven (7) days before the names of the athletes who are eligible to be nominated for carding support will be submitted to Sport Canada for final approval.
All athletes meeting the Canada Snowboard Sport Canada Athlete Assistance Program Criteria have been ranked according to our procedures and can see their provisional status below nominated for carding, eligible for carding but not nominated (no funding left), or ineligible for carding.
Sport Canada will review all nominations submitted by Canada Snowboard in accordance with the Athlete Assistance Program policies and the Canada Snowboard Carding Nomination Criteria for the Sport Canada Athlete Assistance Program.




Any person wishing to appeal a selection decision must do so in accordance with the Canada Snowboard Appeals Policy, which is available on the Canada Snowboard website at: https://www.canadasnowboard.ca/files/AppealsProtocol.pdf. 

The deadline for appeals of the selections listed in this announcement is June 18th, 2019 - 5:00 pm PST.

A notice of appeal, as described in the Appeals Policy, must be sent directly to: 

Dustin Heise
Executive Director

For further information, contact:
Tyler Ashbee
High Performance Freestyle Manager

Kim Krahulec
High Performance Speed Manager

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