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Bromont National Cycling Center Announces New Dryland Training Course

April 29, 2019

3D Rendering of the Bromont SBX dry-slope to open this summer

Canada Snowboard is pleased to announce the National SBX team and the Para-Snowboard teams will have a new dry land facility this summer as the CNCB unveils their plans for a dry slope training facility.

The first of its kind in the region and one of the only ones in North America. The infrastructure, which is a replica of a snowboard cross start section, will provide a training opportunity, 365 days a year. Whether there is snow on the ground or not, the synthetic surface will fill the athletes' summer training period by greatly reducing the costs associated with the different camps outside the country and by increasing the training volume in a very interesting way.

Centre National De Cyclisme De Bromont

Greg Picard, Para-SBX team coach had this to say about the announcement.

<< I'm really stoked to bring this project to life. This is a great opportunity we get to build this dryslope here at the Bromont National Cycling Centre. It's an idea that I've been thinking of for many years and now, every stars align to get this together and I can't be more excited to bring it here. We've got so much help over the years from the CNCB and his director, Nicolas, on different projets and camps, that I haven't even thought of anywhere else to build it and as soon as I brought the idea to Nic, he immediatly found us a great spot to set it up. I think it will be the perfect fit for our athletes to get this important training facility in here. Bromont is slowly becoming our eastcoast high-performance centre. With the indoor velodrome project the CNCB is working on right now, our athletes developement in the near future will be limitless. It'll be awesome and it just makes the timing so perfect.The slope will be 4m wide and close to 60m long. Which will be close to the length of a real start section.

Adding to our summer training at the CNCB, we also have a partner in Bromont, montagne d'expérience, just a few minutes away to train in the winter who's putting up both BSL and SBX tracks. We're starting to build something really interesting here. 

Build should start in the next few weeks and be ready to ride in the beginning of june. >>

BMX Course at the CNCB

The goal of the infrastructure is to be able to train on Canadian soil year-round and reduce travels to Europe or South America in Summer and Autumn, while maintaining a stimulating and quality environment. This is what the synthetic surface will offer. Repetitions, many repetitions, a track that can be modified at each training and keeping costs at the lowest! Obviously, it will never replace the feelings of being on natural snow, but the technique does not change.

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