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Brooke D'Hondt Wins 2019 Burton US Open Junior Jam!

March 4, 2019

13 year old Canadian Brooke D'Hondt finishes first at the 2019 Burton US Open Junior Jam! 

In her inaugural Burton US Open Junior Jam, Brooke earned a top score of 82.74 to claim the top spot! 
Brooke's winning run included a frontside 540 Melon, to a backside 540 Indy, into a frontside 720 Melon. 

Brooke's win comes on the back of her USASA Slope and Pipe National Championship. She says, "Im really happy with how today went. Te pipe was so good, the weather was perfect and it was just so fun competing with all my friends." She adds, "I really wanted to get my seven and I landed it, so I was pretty stoked about that!" 

Additionally, Brooke won the Clif Bar 'Raise the Bar' award regarding two athletes for the best trick of the day's competition. Brooke took it for her frontside 720 Melon!

Video footage courtesy of the Burton US Open.


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