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NormaTec Joins the Canada Snowboard Family as Official Recovery System Partner

December 20, 2018

Canada Snowboard is excited to announce a partnership with NormaTec as our Official Recovery System Partner. Starting in the 2018/2019 season, each of Canada Snowboard’s five National Teams will be outfitted with a NormaTec PULSE Recovery System to aid in their recovery process as they compete all over the world. 
The NormaTec PULSE Recovery System is a dynamic compression device that uses patented technology to help athletes recover faster. NormaTec was developed by a physician and bioengineer and worked directly with elite athletes to develop the NormaTec PULSE Series. Using NormaTec before or after intense exercise boosts circulation to the limbs and reduces pain and soreness.
In addition to these benefits, studies show that the NormaTec recovery massage rejuvenates muscles, increases range of motion, and decreases inflammation. The NormaTec PULSE Series is currently relied on by 97% of pro teams, Olympians and top tier athletes, and the sports medicine professionals who treat them. 
“We are incredibly excited to work with NormaTec as our Official Recovery System Partner,” said JF Rapatel, Sport & High Performance Director at Canada Snowboard. “Their recovery systems will be essential to our riders’ recovery efforts and will ensure they are continuously performing at their best.”
This will be a busy year for Canada Snowboard team riders as the calendar includes several international and domestic World Cups, X Games, as well as the FIS World Championships. With such a busy schedule, it is imperative that team riders and support staff are equipped with world-class recovery equipment.
“NormaTec is thrilled to be the Official Recovery System of the Canadian National Snowboard Team,” says Gilad Jacobs, CEO of NormaTec. “It is an honor to work with Canada Snowboard to help their incredibly high-performing athletes excel as competitors and achieve great things on a global scale.”
In addition to outfitting Canada’s best riders, NormaTec has also signed on as a Canada Snowboard Shred Hookups partner, offering their products to all registered competitive snowboarders, coaches, and club owners in Canada. 

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