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Message from Ken, Owner of Camp of Champions

February 14, 2017



I'm Ken, Owner of Camp of Champions. I wish I was 15 again so I could lose my mind in such a great park with the amazing jumps, rails and features while I learn from The Camp of Champions amazing coaches. Since I can’t be 15, but you are, or you are 6, or 11, or 16, or 21, I’m stoked to give you the opportunity to be and do what most people only dream of. Win a trip to The Camp of Champions and ride the best summer park anywhere while learning from the gods of snowboarding as your coaches. You’ll also make friends with other riders from around the world. That’s why I am so STOKED to support the Canada Snowboard Freestyle Air Nation Tour by providing a session at The Camp of Champions to the top male and female competitors of the tour. Check out the details below, SEND IT and GOOD LUCK!

As a bonus, for being a Canada Snowboard member, we have a special price for you if you book before March 1st, 2017.

Deluxe 8 Day Snowboard Camp only $2045!! - Full Day Ride-Only Camp only $300!! Just put your member number in the NOTES section of the registration form.

I hope to see you and your friends in Whistler at COC this summer!

Checkout Last Summers videos to see what you're missing!

Ken Achenbach
Camp of Champions Founder
Member of the Snowboard Hall of Fame