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Safe Sport

Canada Snowboard is committed to putting the highest priority on providing a safe learning and training environment for all the Canada Snowboard membership throughout the 12 Provinces and Territories of Canada. In order to ensure this, Canada Snowboard is dedicating a large amount of time and resources to ensure policies, procedures, initiatives, trainings and programs are planned for, and rolled out, from Coast to Coast to ensure a safe place for our Snowboarding Community. 

Harassment, Bullying and Abuse Prevention

Canada Snowboard has a zero tolerance for harassment, bullying and abuse, and treats all complaints as very serious matters. All Canada Snowboard Members (Coaches, Athletes, Judges, Officials, Volunteers) as well as Staff and Contractors have agreed to living by the Canada Snowboard Code of Conduct and Ethics and all associated policies and procedures which relate to the organizations' commitment to Safe Sport. 


Canada Snowboard has access to the Canadian Sport Helpline as well as having put in place a third-party Ombudsman who is available to all Canada Snowboard Staff, Contractors, Coaches, and National Team/Next Gen Team Members. Canada Snowboard are committed to following the complaints, investigations and discipline procedures outlined in the above policies to ensure the provision of a fair and reasonable process for handling complaints within a timely manner. 

Please See Canada Snowboard's process map below for all issues related to Safe Sport. 

For direct contact please email: complaints@canadasnowboard.ca or for more information contact info@canadasnowboard.ca


Concussion Education and Protocol

Canada Snowboard is dedicated to building awareness, and influencing behavior, in relation to head injuries through education, policies and return to play/competition protocol. These policies and procedures (available on the Canada Snowboard website as follows) are implemented across all levels of the LTAD Pathway. 

Canada Snowboard recommends all Coaches working at an level of the LTAD to familiarize themselves with the above documents as well as accessing the SIRC Concussion Toolbox. 


Canada Snowboard is committed to encouraging equity across all areas of the organization to provide and environment that is open and respectful to everyone, regardless of ethnicity, age, religion, race or gender identity. The Canada Snowboard Equity and Access Policy is an over-arching policy for all members to adopt to ensure the sport of Snowboarding can continue to grow while insuring it is accessible and inclusive of everyone.