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Riders Event Series is a National event series based around athlete skill development. The event series is designed to introduce participants to competitive snowboarding through a fun, athlete centered competition. The event can be a slope style, or snowboard cross event or the two events can be combined. Ideally the competition course is designed to challenge freestyle, snowboardcross and alpine skills by running athletes through a course with gated turns, jumps, rollers and berms.

PTSA's are responsible for the implementation of the series in their respective provinces. Canada Snowboard will provide the event framework, equipment and a takeaway for participants. The PTSA’s will be supported as needed in regards to organizing and with potential funding. Another organization can host the event series, as long as participants are members of the PTSA and Canada Snowboard. Trained official(s) must be present, and it is recommended to have licensed coaches on hand to lead training and help coach the participants./File/RidersOverview-Final-E.pdf