Canadian NorAms

Many NorAms event will take place in Canada during the upcoming snowboard season. If you would like to take a glimpse at our full calendar, please visit the section of our website dedicated to it.


In Quebec:


In British Columbia:


In Ontario:





Athletes: Register for the Speed Nation NorAm Cup Tour online at Canada Snowboard (


Canadian coaches: All Canadian coaches at events must register and meet the Canadian Minimum Coach Certification Standards.  This policy was put in place in the 2012-2013 season and is strictly enforced at all events.  Please register for the event by using the link provided and ensure you fully understand the certification requirements by reviewing the policy here:



Le Relais                 Alpine Ski Club               Tremblant                    Big White
12 / 2014                       01 / 2015                     01 / 2015                     02 / 2015


NorAm events in the US: Canadian riders who whishes to compete at a NorAm event in the US need to submit a «Participation request for FIS event». The form can be found here: